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A Hidden Gem: The Cornealius Properties

When this sweet couple told me that they wanted to do their engagement session at their wedding venue, I was SO excited. The Cornealius Properties is the most stunning venue and literally a small piece of heaven on earth. When you drive up to the property, you can see Birdsong Chapel tucked away in the woods. That is exactly where we started their engagement session. You walk down the cutest gravel path in the woods that is lit with the prettiest lights hanging in the trees.

Our next stop was the gorgeous Birdsong Chapel. I've seen it in photos all over Instagram and knew it was beautiful, but when you see it in person, it is truly breathtaking.

Birdsong Chapel is an open air chapel, which makes it so unique. The sunlight falls so nicely in the chapel and I can only imagine how awestruck I'll be on their wedding day. The gorgeous wooden pews photograph beautifully and you can literally let your imagination run wild with the florals inside this chapel.

I could have stayed in Birdsong Chapel for the entire session photographing these two, but I knew that this was not the only picture perfect spot at The Cornealius Properties.

We decided to explore the space where their reception would be held next- Carriage Hall. Outside of this reception venue, there were these beautiful white walls that made the best backdrop for photos. I can imagine doing bridal party photos here on the wedding day.

After that, we wanted to see what was behind Birdsong Chapel and Carriage Hall. We were not disappointed! We ran into more gorgeous wooded areas and a stunning pond with a dock that was made to be photographed.

Before we ended our session, we made one more stop at Birdsong Chapel to get some photos in their casual outfits.

By the way- I am a HUGE fan of changing outfits halfway through your engagement session. Having one dressier outfit and then a casual outfit allows your photos to have so much more variety. Plus, the piggy back ride may have been harder to do in a dress, but made total sense in the casual outfit. So two outfits can mean a totally different vibe with the posing your photographer provides.

We ended our session on the porch of Honeymoon House. If you are looking for a venue, I definitely recommend choosing one that has a place for both partners to get ready. If it has open space, good lighting, and gorgeous mirrors like the Honeymoon House here, that is a plus! And... here, you can stay overnight. How fun would that be to have a sleepover with your bridesmaids and then wake up together to get hair and makeup done?!

If you are looking for a wedding venue, The Cornealius Properties should be at the top of your list. It is truly a photographer's dream.

Check out their website here:

I'll be photographing 2 weddings here in 2023 (this sweet couple being one of them!) and I'd love to add more weddings to my calendar at this stunning Goldsboro, North Carolina venue. <3

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